The STEM Marin Application will open in the Fall of 2022. We strive to create an equitable application process for all students. Check back here for updates. Current 9th-grade students who did not apply for STEM Marin in the 2022-2023 school year have the opportunity to apply to enter the program as a 10th-grade student in the Biotech Pathway only. The application process will be the same for both 8th and 9th grade applicants.

3-Step Application Process

STEP 1: Complete and submit the Intent to Apply Form
STEP 2: Complete the in-person written application at your NUSD middle school or at the STEM Marin building at San Marin High School
STEP 3: Participate in the in person interview on the San Marin High School campus on your assigned date/time

Step 1: Intent to Apply Form

8th Grade Applicants Start Here
9th Grade Applicants Start Here

Step 2: Written Application

The written application includes an opportunity for each student to share their interest and commitment to the STEM Marin Program. The application includes 4 writing prompts for each student to respond to. These are short answer responses and will be scored based on content not conventions of writing. The following 4-point rubric will be utilized:

0 1 2 3
Didn’t answer the

question at all.

Briefly answers questions

without providing

examples or depth.

Answers question with

depth but supporting

evidence is minimal.

Answers question with

depth and examples make

sense and are concise.

Step 3: Interview

Applicants may be asked to participate in a short in person interview. The interviews will be 5-10 minutes and will discuss a variety of STEM Marin topics and possible follow-ups questions about the written application responses. During the interview, applicants will be talking with a small panel of STEM Marin staff and community partners who will be looking at the following criteria:

– Personal presentation of the applicant
– Ability to provide succinct responses to questions
– Responses of the questions asked

Interviews dates will be posted during the application process. In the application, you will indicate two preferred dates for scheduling. A STEM Marin staff member will communicate via email the date and time of your interview. If you would like translation services for your interview, we have included a question in the application to address this. It is important that you participate in this interview. Students who are late or do not attend their interviews may not be considered for the program.

Criteria for Acceptance

All NUSD specialized programs including athletics require that students must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher, regular attendance, and a positive citizenship record. While all applicants must meet the minimum GPA requirement, only past grades in science and math are reviewed and factor into the selection process. Students should show a pattern of either consistent proficiency or consistent growth in math and science classes. Students must be earning a C or higher by the end of the 8th grade fall semester in order to be considered a viable candidate. This portion the criteria is a met/not met item and does not impact the student final application score.

Each member of the admission panel will assess the written and interview portions of the application independently. All scores are submitted to the STEM Coordinator for entry in the spreadsheet and averaged to determine an overall score. The oral and written portions are equally weighted as are each panelists’ scores.

Inter/Intra District Transfers

If you are applying to the STEM Marin program and require an inter or intradistrict transfer, you need to submit your special program transfer application online before applying to the STEM Marin program. All INTER district transfers need to be approved by NUSD before you can be considered for the program.

If you are applying for an INTRA district transfer, you will need to submit your “Special Programs Transfer” request in School Mint before you apply to the program. Transfer applications will open on the NUSD website shortly after November 1. Please do not delay in completing these online forms!

Who Needs an Inter or Intra District Transfer?

If you reside in Novato but San Marin High School is not your neighborhood school (you live outside the school boundaries) you will need to apply for an intra-district transfer.

If you do not reside in the Novato Unified School District, you will need to apply for an inter-district transfer. Please click here to apply.  Please have available on your device or computer the following items:

  1. Approved inter-district transfer application from your district of residence
  2. Attendance report (provided by students current school)
  3. Discipline report (provided by your student’s current school, if no discipline records exist the school must provide you a letter on letterhead stating the student has no discipline records)
  4. Transcripts
  5. Copy of any special services your students receive

If you or your child are new to Novato Unified School District, you will need to enroll by creating a School Mint account.  If you don’t know if your residence is within the boundaries of San Marin High School or Novato, follow the 4-step process at this link www.nusd.org/enroll/ to transfer or enroll.

Any questions about transfers? Please contact Karina Leoni: [email protected]


If you have any questions about the application process, please email [email protected].

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