STEM Marin Code of Conduct

The STEM Marin program expects students to maintain standards of personal integrity that are in agreement with the educational goals of STEM Marin; to respect the rights, privileges, and property of others; and, at a minimum, to adhere to the San Marin High School policies and procedures.

It is a privilege to be part of this program and, in no way, does STEM Marin exempt students from accepting responsibility for their behavior.

Conduct – Rules and Standards

The following are examples of the standards that STEM Marin values and expects of students. Violation of any of these standards may result in removal of the program.

  • Positive Effort & Focus: Students must be engaged and fully participating in all aspects of course curriculum including group projects, classroom discussions and field trips.
  • Academic Integrity: Cheating or copying of work will not be tolerated. Students will work together and collaborate on group work, but individual work such as tests and assessments must be completed by the student independently.
  • Program Discipline: Disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, administration, or other STEM Marin activities is prohibited. This includes disruptive or destructive actions as well as creating noise or other disturbances on campus or in student areas sufficient to disrupt the normal functioning of classroom instruction.
  • Attendance: Students are required to attend class on time, every day when not contagiously ill. This includes all STEM Marin related activities that occur outside of the normal classroom time.
  • Grades: Students are required to maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or better AND a grade of C or better in their STEM Marin classes.

Remote Learning Environments

In addition to the above expectations, Students will also need to adhere to guidelines as they relate to remote learning environments. Violation of any of these standards may result in removal of the program.

  • Punctual and Present: Students will enter class meetings on time using their name as it appears in Aeries for all ZOOM sessions. Upon entering, students will be present and recognizable via their camera for all ZOOM sessions.
  • Physical and Virtual Environment: Students should be in a proper space specified for their learning time. This includes at a table, desk, quiet corner or any place where they can focus as best as possible. Students will only use the school provided and approved virtual background if needed for all ZOOM sessions.
  • Attendance: Students will be part of all segments of the class to be considered present. Any student who does not follow the above norms will be considered absent.

Reporting of Violations and Disciplinary Actions

Violations will be reported by faculty, staff and administrators and will follow a simple three violation rule process.

  • First Violation: Detention or referral to Restorative Practices Supervisor and call/email to student’s parent/family member.
  • Second Violation: Referral to administration and communication with parent/family member.
  • Third Violation: Removal from the STEM Marin program.

Annual Assessment of Students

At the end of each school year, faculty, staff and administrators have the right to assess all students who may be in violation of any standards noted above.

Students exhibiting any of the behaviors noted in the standards above will be placed on academic or disciplinary probation at the start of the new school year.

The period of time and any conditions of the probation will be decided in each case. If a student, while on disciplinary probation is found responsible for additional or repeated violations of our standards, the student will be subject to removal from the STEM Marin program. While on probation, the student is expected to demonstrate the ability to function as a responsible member of the STEM Marin community.

Removal from STEM Marin Program

Removal from the STEM Marin program may be immediate or may occur at the end of the academic semester or school year according to the severity of the violation. Removal timelines will be communicated to the student’s parent/family member and is at the discretion of the faculty, administrator and counselor.

Your Agreement

By accepting your seat in the STEM Marin program, you are agreeing to the STEM Marin Code of Conduct described in this document. Any question of interpretation or application of the STEM Marin Code of Conduct will be referred to administrators for final determination.

Revised 08/2020

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