As many of you know from the endless messages on Facebook, Instagram and our website, Tour of Novato was on May 4th. Our very own STEM Marin teacher, Nick Williams made a friendly wager with French teacher, Jeff Moore that whoever raised the most money by the end of Saturday night, got to shave the loser’s hair into a mohawk…quite the gamble for sure!

The battle was fierce and both men did a fabulous job raising funds for their programs and San Marin.

By the end of the night on Saturday, the time came to see who would reign supreme…Drum roll please…


No joke, by the end of the night, both Mr. Williams and Mr. Moore had raised $2,500.

There was no doubt about it, the Tour of Novato champs decided that they would each have their head shaved.

Monday afternoon, in the San Marin High School quad, Mr. Williams and Mr. Moore had their heads shaved by each other.

Below is a video of the momentous occasion…

A HUGE thank you to both Nick and Jeff for stepping up for STEM Marin and San Marin, sacrificing life, limb (and hair) for our students.

For those of you still wishing to donate to Mr. Williams, there is also still time! Fundraising window closes May 20, 2019 and you can find Mr. Williams support page by clicking here.

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