Rube Goldberg Night is coming soon!

Join us October 6th from 6-7pm on Zoom.

Students will be presenting their completed Rube Goldberg Machines and descriptions to judges, families, and the general public.

We’ll be gathering in a Zoom meeting, then you will be directed to a breakout room where 3 or 4 groups of students will present their work. Because this year’s presentations will be digital, you can feel free to invite out of town (or in town) grandparents, friends, family to join us in checking out the hard work of our students using the link below.

Additionally, we’ll have a panel of professional (engineer, artist, designer, builder, scientist) judges who will be asking questions and providing feedback to students on their work. If you have a friend who might make an excellent Rube Goldberg Judge, please let us know.

Students will join the meeting at 5:40pm so they can get to their appropriate break-out rooms and prepare. Families and the general public will join at 6pm.

It should be a fun and exciting evening!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Zoom Login Details

Meeting ID: 370 645 0534

Passcode: SanMarin


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