Our 3rd WISE speaker engagement was last night (1/29), and boy did it deliver!

Our panel was a selection of three women, all from very different backgrounds and very different fields.

Lisa Michl, who now works for Public Works, has had a fulfilling career in environmental biology and ecology, where she currently manages projects that help our community while preserving the ecosystem we live in. She talked extensively about her journey, coming from the Midwest to California. She talked about the idea of “Imposter Syndrome,” while working in a field that’s predominately male focused.

Nicole Galicia, a Research Associate at BioMarin is fairly new in her career but has said she couldn’t have been luckier to land a job at a place that cares both about their patients and their people. She analyzes proteins in mice livers and cells. She loves every aspect of her job and notes that you don’t need to have multiple years of college to find a job in science that you love.

Cammie Rolle is a new speaker that we haven’t had before. Previously in our series, we’ve had professionals who’ve finished their schooling to talk about the work they are doing now. Cammie is currently a PhD student, working in a lab at Stanford that looks at neuroplasticity in the brain and is working on methods to help people cope with PTSD. Her journey is extraordinary and provided a great perspective on what schooling currently looks like for someone interested in science.

Every WISE event that I attend, I am truly inspired by the work these women do. It reminds me that the possibilities are endless and that there are so many opportunities for finding a passion and running with it. I’m hopeful that our future generations will be taking on the science world by storm.

Our last WISE event of the 2019-2020 school year is on March 18th. We will have another amazing panel of women, talking about their work, their journey and their perspective on the science world today.

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