On November 20th, three outstanding scientists from BioMarin joined us for an evening of inspiration as they talked about what it means to be a woman in science.

These women shared their personal journeys of failure and triumph as they discussed the work they are doing at BioMarin and the education it took to get where they are today. While they all came from different parts of the world, they all shared a passion for science that ultimately brought them working together at BioMarin.

I think that what made this group of women especially unique is that while they all have a passion for science, they don’t all have doctorate degrees. Nicole Otoc, an Associate Researcher at BioMarin, has an undergraduate degree in Biology, but decided later in her school career that perhaps pursuing a doctorate wasn’t something she was interested in. Instead she took a more management path, that led her to find a passion for process and management for the projects being worked on at BioMarin.

It’s a great story of understanding that there are so many possibilities within the science industry, that don’t always require work in a lab.

At the end of the evening, the audience asked poignant questions to our panel and stayed well after the end of the event to talk more with our scientists.

A very special thank you to Danielle Tan, Natalie Fredette and Nicole Otoc for their time and perspective. It’s truly a great time to be a woman in science and these ladies are proving that now.

Women of BioMarin posing in front of San Marin banner

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