Oh what a night…Early May, back in 2019…

Wait, sorry, that’s not the right words to that song…but I digress.

On May 7th, we were given the chance to provide (almost) life-changing information to our incoming STEM Marin parents and students at our annual orientation night.

With over 100 parents in attendance, you’ve proven that this program is just as important to you as it is to us. With the students getting to know each other better in the Student Center, our STEM Marin staff were able to fully engage parents and provide meaningful information about what they can expect over the next four years.

Our Vice Principal, Diane Santamorena, started the evening off with explaining the legacy of the program and the course curriculum over the duration of the program.

Next, Mr. Williams and Dr. LB, heads of the STEM and Biotech pathways, discussed classroom and program expectations, including GPA, behavior and academic integrity. They also did a great job explaining the project-based learning approach that is the foundation of STEM Marin and the importance of attendance and commitment to evening events.

We were fortunate to have some of our current STEM Marin students available to share their experience in the program, what they’ve taken away from STEM Marin and where they planned to expand their knowledge. Their insight into how best to manage time, how the parents can help and what to expect was communicated in a manner that was mature beyond their years…A job very well done!

Lastly, we heard about ways that parents can stay involved, stay informed and how they can help (cue the $$ sounds). All kidding aside, our program would not thrive as well as it does without the help and financial support of our community, parents and volunteers. Our STEM Marin Fund board members do a tremendous amount of work to ensure that we have the finances to support the field trips, equipment and backing to keep this program moving.

A very big and heartfelt thank you to all who attended and for taking the time to invest in your student’s education with STEM Marin.

For those of you who missed the evening (SHAME!), just kidding, you can find a copy of the presentation here. STEM Orientation Night Presentation

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